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Tanita KD200 Multi Function Scale
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This highly accurate scale features a removable platform, tare weighing function, and gives readings in lbs/oz and grams. The KD-200 functional design makes it easy to clean and gives the scale the ability to withstand high-volume use. Ideal for use in a variety of environments, including commercial and home kitchens, jewelry-making shops, medical facilities and veterinary offices.


Stainless Steel Pan

Runs on either AC power or battery power (4 x AA batteries ; not included).


Capacity : 1kg(35oz) ; 2kg(70oz) ; 5kg(11lb)

Graduation : 1g(0.05oz) ; 2g(0.1oz) ; 5g(0.2oz)

Stainless steel pan size : 180mm x 180mm