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Shinko Denshi SJ Precision Balance (Japan)
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Precision Balance



Highly usable basic applications 

SJ series offers basic applications in user-friendly operations to make weighing works easier; percentage weighing, parts counting, check-weighing, etc..

Short stabilization time & stable indication

SJ series offers short stabilization time and stable indication. It promises stress-free weighing routine works.


SJ series can be operated with rechargeable battery option. And all features are well combined in quite compact body. It realizes high-portability of precision balance.​

Common Specifications

Tare : Zero to Full weighing range

Span adjustmentManual operation Span Adjustment with external calibration weight           

Over error : "o-Err" showed when Full weight range + 9 more digits over

Temperature and humidity range : 5 ~ 35℃ (E type) & 10~30℃ (CE type), Up to 80% rh(without the dew condensation)

Power source : AC adapter Input 100-240VAC / Output 12VDC

Output : Nil

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