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Shinko Denshi LN Precision Balance (Japan)
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Precision Balance



Sophisticated Balance, the Professional's Choice

ViBRA LN series always offers you the complete weighing solution. The capacity ranges from 220g to 31kg, the readability from 1mg to 0.1g. The advantages like quick response, clear fluorescent display, tough housing, stylish design... ViBRA LN series can be suitable for every occations from laboratory, light&heavy industry, and jewelers.

Statistics function for QC & etc...

VIBRA LN series has the function to automatically calculate the various statistical data from the measurement results. This data can be useful for quality control in the assembling line and the statistical check of pre-package products. The data can be output to the printer and to PC.

Fluorescent display, clearly visible

The large fluorescent display is clearly visible. It can make it easy to operate the balance even in the dark location.

​Quick response and stable indication

The quick response and the stable indication are important for almost all the weighing operations. ViBRA LN series promises you the quickness and stability so that it can make the measurement works much more efficient and less time-consuming.

Accurate measurement by appropriate calibration

It is highly important to keep the accuracy of the balance by calibration. The procedure of the calibration is sometimes bothering, but in ViBRA LN series, you can adjust the balance with one-touch of CAL key (internal weight model only).

Density measurement mode

To measure the density of the object is one of the most typical applications for the precision balance. ViBRA LN series offers you the function to easily calculate the density from the measurement results. * the density measurement kit in the image is option.

Common Specifications

Tare : Zero to Full weighing range

Span adjustmentLN・・・・・ Manual operation Span Adjustment with external calibration weight
LN-R・・・・・Semi-automatic Span Adjustment with built-in calibration weight

Over error : "o-Err" showed when Full weight range + 9 more digits over

Temperature and humidity range : 5 ~ 35℃ (Non-CE type) & 10~30℃ (CE type), Up to 80% rh(without the dew condensation)

Power source : AC adapter Input 100-240VAC / Output 12VDC

Output : RS232C (Dsub 9P) + Printer output (Din 8p)

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