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Shinko Denshi HT Analytical Balance(Japan)
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Analytical Balance



Tuning-fork sensor inside, Only one analytical balance in the world

VIBRA HT series provides outstanding advantages to analytical weighing with tuning-fork sensor. The most remarkable features are sustainably high quality weighing performance and high durability in the long run. Since these are inherent in the principle and the design of tuning-fork sensor, the customers can enjoy the advantages even in highly precise laboratory weighing operation. VIBRA HT series makes a difference in analytical weighing.

Best usability, comfortable weighing operation

Two line display is adopted in new HT series. Assistant text in information display can help the user to operate the advanced functions. Customizable free keys enable comfortable and efficient operations furthermore.

Strongly Resistant to harsh environment

Analytical balance must be sometimes installed in the harsh environment where there are a lot of equipment generating disturbing vibrations. New HT which is equipped with newly developed filtering technology is highly resistant to disturbances in the environment.


​Strong security control

The administrator requires the users to input password to log in the balance. It prevents the unauthorized operators to do unnecessary operations. And the weighing results are output with user-ID information. It conforms with the requirement of CFR21.

Short stabilization time for more efficient weighing operation

Thanks to newly developed filtering technology, the stabilization time has been reduced. It leads to more efficient weighing operation.

Simple structure, easy to clean

Structure of windshield and weighing chamber are very simple. It is easy for user to de-assemble and re-assemble, and easy to clean.

Optional density measurement kit

The specific gravity (density) of the objects can be easily measured in specific gravity mode. The density kit is available as option.

Common Specifications

Tare : Zero to Full weighing range

Span adjustmentInternal weight models・・・・・Automatic and semi-automatic span adjustment with built-in weight
External weight models・・・・・Semi-automatic span adjustment with external weight

Over error : "o-Err" appears when load of full weight range + 90 digits over

Temperature and humidity range : 10~ 30℃、Up to 80% rh(without the dew condensation)

Power source : Dedicated AC adapter Input 100-240VAC / Output 12VDC

Output : RS232C & peripheral device output

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