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Shinko Denshi AJ Precision Balance (Japan)
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Precision Balance



Simple is the best  

This is the basic concept of ViBRA AJ series. Simple, but profound scope for wide measurement fields. Laboratory, factory, jewelry shops, etc... ViBRA AJ series is always the simplest & the best solution for your needs.

Easy switching the weighing modes

ViBRA AJ series provides four weighing modes, simple weight measurement, parts counting, percentage weighing and carat measurement for jewelers. You can easily switch the weighing mode by pushing function key.

Quick Response & Stable Indication

Quick response and stable indication are important feature in the precise weight measurement. The innovative tuning-fork sensor in ViBRA AJ series meets this demand and satisfies you.

Compact housing, high portability

The compact housing is one of the advantages of ViBRA AJ series. The space-saving design enables you to instal it even in small space. Furthermore you can bring it everywhere you want with optional rechargeable battery.

Common Specifications

Tare : Zero to Full weighing range

Span adjustmentAJ・・・・・Manual operation Span Adjustment with 

external calibration weight               
AJH・・・・・Semi-automatic Span Adjustment with built-in calibration weight

Over error : "o-Err" showed when Full weight range + 9 more digits over

Temperature and humidity range : 5 ~ 35℃ (E type), 10~30℃ (CE type) Up to      80% rh(without the dew condensation)

Power source : AC adapter Input 100-240VAC / Output 12VDC

Output : RS232C(Din5p)

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