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Ishida IWX Series Water Proof Platform Scale (Japan)
Ishida IWX Series Water Proof Platform S

This outstandingly durable weighing unit can be washed and sprayed with water, allowing for easy cleaning. For the first time in the industry the load cell has been coated with acrylic resin to make it completely water-proof. This is the same kind of treatment used on aluminum sash.


Featuring large digits, the bright fluorescent display provides superior visibility under any conditions.

Multi Interval - Weighing range changes depending on product weight. No need to use several scales for different weighing capacities.

Preset function - By using its preset function, it can set the upper/lower limitation values and tare values up to 10 items

Has weight checking function for accurate weighing

IP67 protection


IWX30 Platter Size: 350 x 350mm

IWX150 Platter Size: 380 x 530mm

Ishida IWX Series Water Proof Platform S