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Excell EX-2005 DC Batch Weighing Indicator
Excell EX-2005 DC Batch Weighing Indicat

DC Batch Weighing Indicator


Check-weigh mode: HI, LO, OK

Can display statistics of HI, LO, OK for a batch

Large LED display (6digit, character height 16mm)

Splash proof front panel (IP65)

Selectable units modes: Kilogram (kg), gram (g)

Built-in full duplex RS232C interface and Current loop serial interface

A/D interface: high sensitive 0.12μVD interface, high speed sampling (max. 120 per sec.), measurement range -0.1 ~ 4.0 mV/V

Adjustable filter: prevent vibration of environment

Built-in external signal I/O control interface(4 in / 4out)

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