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Camry ACS20 Price Computing Scale
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Camry Digital Price Computing Scale is an easy to use, ideal fro Cafeteria, Grocery, Deli, Restaurant, Farmer's market and more.


Robust, Well-Constructed Scale

Easy to Clean Surface - Wash-down 12" x 9" Stainless Steel Platter

Dual-Display Shows- Front & Rear High Light LED Display. Both operator and customer can read the scale conveniently and easily.

Tare / Zero / Add-up / Total Display / Clear Total / Overloaded / Low Voltage Indication

Includes  long lasting rechargeable battery. Please charge it when indicates low battery power.

Automatic enery saving mode if no operation in 10 seconds and automatic temperature compensation


Capacity : 30kg x 10g / 25kg x 10g /15kg x 5g /6kg x 2g

Battery: 4V 4AH rechargeable. Last up to 3 months when fully charge